Conference Shuttle Schedule (to and from The Dome at America’s Center)

Thursday, September 21
4 pm until 1 hour after session ends, every 10 minutes

On Thursday, a limited number of shuttles will begin running at 2:30 pm so guests have access to Registration when it opens at 3 pm.

Friday, September 22
7:30 am until 1 hour after last session ends

Saturday, September 23
7:30–9:30 am, every 10 minutes
3 pm until 1 hour after last session ends

Who rides the shuttle?

Shuttle services are limited to guests who booked their hotel through Housing Accommodations, at hotels where this service applies. To ride, you must have your conference ticket with you.

Airport Hotel guests who booked rooms through Housing Accommodations will receive a wristband from the hotel staff upon check-in, granting them access to the shuttles.

Wheelchair/Physically Challenged

Shuttle busses will be located on Convention Plaza at the circle drive. Please contact Angie Weigel at (314) 727-2400 to make your arrangements in advance. Enter the Dome at a wheelchair-accessible entrance 20 minutes prior to Dome doors opening. Special seating will be provided for guests in wheelchairs. Up to two female friends may sit with you in that area (reserved until 30 minutes prior to each session).